Gampaha public market on the verge of collapse

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Text & Pics By L W Ariyarathne   

The Gampaha public market built in 1969 with the blessings of the government at that time, had not been properly maintained since then and now appears to be on the verge of collapse.   

The concrete floor is peeling off at several places. The concrete columns which supported the upper floors had given way and galvanize pipes had been used to support the structure. Several vendors informed the authorities about the dilapidated condition of the building and also the damaged  and clogged drains which lead to flooding of the area during rains. It is apparent that this building had never received the attention of the authorities and a proper maintenance has not being effected for many years.   

Vendors also highlighted the poor condition of the existing sanitary facilities. With the mushrooming of street vendors coming up along the pavements and near the bus stand, the vendors at the market have experienced a drop in their sales. They complain that after paying rent and electricity bills their turnover is greatly reduced and those who operate on the streets thrive without making any of these payments.  

The customers are also discouraged to visit the market, due to the lack of a proper vehicle park. The removal of garbage collected at the market also remains unattended posing a health hazard. With the awful stench emanating from this heap of garbage the customers are further inconvenienced.