Payagala Mahagammedda Junior School Students deprived of a proper sports ground

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Text & Pics By Sarath Siriwardene   

Parents of students of the Payagala Mahagammedda Junior School complained that their children have been denied of a sports ground and  have only a muddy outfield to play in.   

They claim that in the year 2017, 29 students of this Junior school had won scholarships, coming first among the schools in the Beruwala education zone. They state further that the school lacks a proper sports ground and they have their sports and other extracurricular activities in a marshy land.   

The parents request the authorities to provide these students with a sports ground fully secured with a boundary wall, where the students can continue holding sports and other extracurricular activities. Pasindu Samarawickrama on behalf of the parents, stated that this school has very capable students. 

Several other parents also yearned for a play ground for the students and charged that politicians had overlooked the sad plight of these students. They said it is a pity to witness the students being deprived of this basic requirement. The students who are playing on the muddy field, dirty their uniforms, causing much inconvenience to the parents.   The Principal of the College S.D.P. Semasinghe said he is not in a position to speak to the press about the situation, but urged those who are responsible to attend to this shortcoming as soon as possible.   


 in the year 2017, 29 students of this Junior school had won scholarships