Diamond Jubilee get-together

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1958/59 Science, Engineering & Agricultural batches of the University of Ceylon  

1958/59 Science, Engineering & Agriculture batches of the University of Ceylon had their 60th Golden
Jubelle get together  at the Regimental Officers Mess of the Sri Lanka Military officers on 9th Sept 2018


 From North, South, East & West,  
 The then Ceylon’s Schools’ best,  
 Entered a batch of students to the portals of the   
 One and only Ceylon University,  
 To be enrolled to follow courses in its Science  
 Engineering & Agricultural faculties,   
 The type of ragging that prevailed caused them   
 Much anxiety,  
 Thus generating among them a spirit of camaraderie,  
 Which has lasted a period of 60 earth years.  

 Traditionally known as the Diamond-Jubilee year.  
 The rag that caused them much dread,  
 To the K-G Hall they were led,  
 Poll-taxed and subjected to a bombardment of tomatoes and rotten eggs,  
 That provided the seniors as well as the freshers much entertainment.  

 An event of lasting memory,  
Was the lecture by Basil Mendis “On the flat earth theory”  
At the request of the Science Students’ Union.  

That caused the Astronomer Douglas Amarasekara much vexation.  

Another memorable venture was  
The attempt by the Engineering and Science students  
to launch a rocket to go beyond the stratosphere  
Which was a complete failure, causing these amature rocketists to run  
Helter-skelter for cover.   

The university’s ambience  
Was not only conductive to achieve academic excellence,  
And it was also an arena where cupid with his bow and arrow had his say,  
Thus causing joy to some and sorrow to others,  
 After being lectured and nurtured by many a professor of Intellectual stature  
 And graduating entered the world’s stage,  
 To engage in many a multifarious venture,  
 Some reaching great heights whilst on the world’s stage.  

They meet to celebrate this unique milestone event   
To propose a toast – for a camaraderie 10 years short of the biblical age,  
With a drink that Cheers!  
Even with walking aids due to advancing years.