Prophet Muhammed (Sal)’s Sacred Birthday

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With regard to the Holy Prophet’s Sacred Birthday, we as believers (Mumins) welcome this Sacred Day. Among Allah’s creations Prophet Muhammed (Sal) is the supreme and perfect one.  

Nowadays due to lack of knowledge about Prophet Muhammed (Sal), certain misled sectarians oppose to praise Him and celebrate His Sacred Birthday by calling Him as an ordinary man.  

We can praise the Holy Prophet (Sal) and celebrate His Sacred Birthday in the light of the Holy Qur’an and Hadees (Tradition).

The Almighty Allah praises Prophet Muhammed (Sal) in the Holy Qur’an as follows:  

“And recall when Allah got promise from all the prophets that the Book and the wisdom I bestow to you but then comes to you the Rasool Messenger Muhammed (Sal) who confirms what (the Book) you possess. You should definitely believe in Him and definitely should help Him. Then (Allah) said, “do you agree and take this as firm agreement as binding on you?” They said, “we agree”. He (Allah) said, then be witnesses and I am also with you among the witnesses”.(3:81)

It is clear that the Almighty Allah is the one who praised Muhammed (Sal) at first, according to this Divine Verse.  

“(Beloved Muhammed (Sal)) surely, I (Allah) have given you in abundance”.   (108:1)

“Have We (Allah) not expanded Your bosom for You?”   (94:1)

“And We sent not You, but a mercy for all worlds”.   (21:107)

“Say – You, “Only Allah’s grace and only His mercy on it, therefore let them rejoice. That is better than all their wealth”.   (10:58)

Here the word “mercy” refers to Muhammed (Sal), according to the above two Divine Verses. Allah tells believers to rejoice it. The words “rejoice it” refers to celebrate

His Sacred Birthday, according to many interpreters of Al-Qur’an.

Prophet Muhammed (Sal) praised Him in the authentic Ahadis. Here are some of those:  

“I was a Prophet when Adam (Alai) was between clay and water”.    (Authority:- Bukhari)

“The Almighty Allah gives the blessings in my hand; I distribute those”.   (Authority:- Bukhari)

“I was created in the light of Allah; All were created in my light”.    (Authority:- Dharami)

The Companions praised the Holy Prophet (Sal) in the authentic Ahadis as follows:  

“When exalting Muhammed (Sal), Anas Ibnu Malik (Rali) says as follows:  

The Holy Prophet (Sal) was neither very tall nor very short. He was a reddish white man. He had twenty grey hairs on His beard and head”.

(Authority:- Bukhari – Volume:4, Page:164)

“When exalting Muhammed (Sal), Bara Ibnu Asif (Rali) says as follows:  

I have never seen a handsome person like Muhammed (Sal) in my life; His Sacred face looks like the moon”.    
(Authority:- Bukhari – Volume:4, Page:165)

Presently the Mowlidhs (The time or place of birth) we recite are .similar to the above. Imaams known as our ancestors compiled “Mowlidh Books” to expose the love on Muhammed (Sal) and other saints.  

Celebrating the Holy Prophet’s Sacred Birthday by conducting Mowlidh and other religious events is not against the religion. It is a desirable act in our religion.  
Therefore, let us praise Muhammed (Sal) and celebrale His Sacred Birthday!   

(S.M. Zaheer Mowlana, Panadura.)