Need longer platform roofs Railway Passengers face hardship during rains

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By Kusal Chamath   

Thousands of passengers boarding and getting off trains at the railway stations from Kollupitiya and beyond are facing hardship for want of platform roofs. They said the passengers boarding or getting down the trains during heavy rain gets wet through. They pointed out that the platform roofs only covered the length of the railway station building and that the entire length of the platform is exposed to the elements.   

They said the platform roofs in the past covered the full length of the platforms but the officials who renovated them about four years ago cut them short without least concern about the hardship facing the passengers.   

An office worker travelling daily from Kalutara, Samantha Priydarshana De Silva (35) said the Railways Department that raised the platforms by about 2ft at a colossal expenditure to match the level of the floor boards in the newly acquired compartments, ignored the need to platform roofs. He pointed out that the passengers had now been left to the mercy of the elements and during heavy rain only few passengers standing in front of the SM’s office were safe while thousands of others get wet.   

Passengers requested the department to extend the roofs to cover at least half the length of the platforms.