Schoolchildren are prevented from using play grounds

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Ja-Ela school play grounds used to dump soil


Text & Pics By P. H. P. Perera   

School grounds of many schools in the Ja-Ela Education Zone had been made use to dump soil removed from road diggings in the area.   

This was observed in the sports ground of Batagama North Junior Secondary School and Dandugama Holy Rosary College Sports ground. The residents charge that soil removed from road diggings made for water pipe laying and construction of storm water drains are brought onto these play grounds and kept for a number of days and later sold to buyers.   

Due to this the children of these schools are greatly inconvenienced by preventing them from participating in extracurricular activities. At the Holy Rosary College , the Ja-Ela Zonal Education office too is located and the Zonal Director of Education observes daily the unloading of soil at this site on her way to the office in the mornings. She is prevented from making any protest due to threats of the political authorities.