Panadura-Newdawa Road beyond Eluvila A long felt need to widen the roads

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By Kusal Chamath   

Residents of several areas along the Panadura-Newdawa road stressed the need to widen the road beyond Eluvila running through a densely populated area, to provide safety to the people in thousands of families living along the road. They pointed out that the road constructed about 150 years ago has not been widened in keeping with population increase. They pointed out that thousands of vehicles run along the road every hour and that it was with great difficulty that the vehicles running in opposite directions pass each other. They pointed out that blind corners in the road resulted in several fatal accidents.  

A resident of Kiriberiya Nimal Hewapathirana (35)) said several accidents including a fatal accident had occurred at the blind corner at the turn off to Wanduramulla housing complex, but the Bandaragama Pradeshiya Sabha ignored our requests at least to lay humps on either side to reduce the speed of vehicles.   

“Quite often buses running in opposite directions get jammed at bends, creating heavy traffic congestions. Collision of vehicles occur almost every day due to the narrowness of the road. A road development project to widen the road and straighten the blind corners has been a long-felt need in view of the large number of vehicles plying daily on this road and the increasing population. We are living in constant fear of any possible danger to our children walking along the road, particularly to schools in the morning. The vehicles running at excessive speed regardless of the road conditions, had caused several serious accidents,” he said.  

Residents of the area requested the Bandaragama Pradeshiya Sabha at least to lay humps at the blind corners to prevent accidents until steps were taken by the RDA to widen the road. Meanwhile a senior official of the RDA said road widening would involve acquisition of land and demolishing of thousands of residential houses, and that it was a serious challenge facing any project to widen the road. He pointed out that the political authority in the area should intervene and resolve the issue.