Colombo University students build special area at Half Way Home at Mulleriyawa for patients and loved ones to meet A Place of Tranquility for special people

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Piyawara is a community development project undertaken by Team Alpha — the first-year  undergraduates of the Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo.   

The overall objective of this proposed project is to put up resting premises for the patients and to construct a fence round the facility premises so that it would help the loved ones of the patients to have some time together without any external disturbance at the National Institute of Mental Health Half Way Home situated in Mulleriyawa. The opening ceremony of the resting premises was held on November 2 with the presence of our beloved lecturers A.D. Shanika Lakmali, Ms. Thivyashani, N.H.M.S.M. Herath and W.M.S.R. Weerasekara. During the opening ceremony the lecturers were also able to visit the centre which has a collection of handmade creative items made by the patients.  

With the completion of our project they hope to uplift and support the lives of this identified group of patients through teamwork.  

We would like to express their deepest gratitude to the course coordinator Rajitha De Alwis Seneviratne, Senior lecturer, Department of Business Economics for the immense support and guidance provided through the project.  

The lecturers were also able to visit the centre which has a collection of handmade creative items made by the patients

They would also like to acknowledge our appreciation to our academic advisers Shanika Lakmali and Ms. Thivyashini, for the valuable and continuous support and guidance provided to us without which the completion of this project would not have been done. Furthermore, the team extends sincere gratitude to Dr. Kapila Wickramanayake, the Director of Mental Health half-way Home in Mulleriyawa and the staff for helping to make our project a success.  

Finally, the students would like to thank all the donors, sponsors and all group members who gave their maximum commitment to make this project a great success.