Angulana Podujaya College on the verge of closure

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Text & Pics By Reka Tharangani   

Despite having the necessary buildings, the Angulana Podujaya College is on the verge of closure due to lack of maintenance, charges Moratuwa MC Member Nalani Fernando.

This revelation was made by her during the recent monthly meeting of the Moratuwa Municipal Council, while explaining in detail the present position of this College and requested Mayor Saman Lal Fernando to intervene in this regard. This College presently has buildings that provide class room facilities and Halls together with an auditorium and a large sports ground.   

The Parents of the students states that the present principal has no proper plans for the admission of new students or provides security for the present students. The MC member also stressed that the parents are blaming the principal for not setting up a development plan to bring in new students. Developing this school is vital in accordance with the concept of the closest school is the best school. The council member said further that students from year six to year eleven of the Podujaya College are been admitted to the Moratuwa Soysa College by the education authorities. This move is paving the way for the closest school to be the one that is going to be closed.   
During a visit to this College by us the MC member accompanying us expressed the view that by closing a school it would lead to the opening of thousand prisons, and claimed that by this time there are many youth in the area that had got addicted to drugs. A leading school in Moratuwa a prime city in the Colombo district to witness its closure is a crime she said. She also stressed that it is the duty and the responsibility of the principal and the education authorities to safeguard this school and prevent its closure.   

When we contacted the Provincial Director of Education Sirilal Nonis to make further inquiries, he said that as the matter does not come under his purview to refer the matter to the Piliyandala Zonal Education Director Upuli Gunasekera, who first claimed that the matter is not related to her, afterwards stated that the responsibility in continuing the school lies with the Principal and the teachers and admitted that there are about three hundred students studying there.   

When the issue of the claim made by the parents that the Principal is not implementing any plans for new admissions or development activities was referred to her she replied that admissions to the Podujaya College cannot exceed the set limits and maintained that it was a junior school.   

With regard to the school playground being neglected and covered with overgrown shrubs, she replied that as the play ground was a public place the Council Members of the area should lend a hand to have it maintained properly.