Protective wall in a dilapidated condition

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Christ the King College, Tudella, Jaela


Text & Pics by P. H.P Perera  
The protective wall of Christ the King College Tudella Jaela is in a dilapidated condition and poses an imminent danger of crashing any moment. The parents of students and the residents charge that the authorities are ignoring this calamity.   

This wall extends to about 100 metres parallel to the Colombo-Puttalam railway line. A portion of this protective wall fell onto the railway line a few months ago.The absence of a train travelling on this line at that moment and the school children being away at that time saved a  catastrophe. If the wall crashed in while a train was travelling on this line much damage would have been caused to human lives. When inquired from Fr. Nihal Rodrigo the principal of Christ the King College in Tudella Jaela, he accepted the fact that the wall is posing a severe threat to school children and that there was an impending danger of an accident causing damage to human lives. He confirmed that the higher authorities had been made aware of this situation and hopefully the demolition of this wall would take place shortly and action would be taken to remove the debris and construct a new protective wall in its place.   


There is an imminent danger of the wall crashing in, posing a severe threat to human lives