Berth compartments in trains to be replaced by sleeperettes

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Text and Pics by Rekha Tharangani   

Train compartments with sleeping berths will be replaced by sleeperettes in order to accommodate more passengers and increase revenue, the Railway Department said.   

Only 12 passengers can travel in a berth compartment with tickets priced at Rs. 1200, Railway Department General Manager Dilantha Fernando said. “However we can carry 40 to 50 passengers in a compartment with sleeperettes,” he said.   

Mr. Fernando added that berth compartments were more suitable for countries like India where journeys could last between 24 to 48 hours, whereas in Sri Lanka the number of hours a passenger travelled averaged about six hours.   
“Therefore maintaining berth compartments have been a loss for the department,” he said, adding that by improving sleeperettes and replacing berth compartments the department could earn more revenue.