Extensive beach clean-up in Mt. Lavinia

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By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

An extensive beach clean-up was conducted in Mt. Lavinia by the ‘Lanka Soba Sanrackshakayo’ (LSS), or Conservators of the Environment. The organisers said the careless disposal of garbage by local and foreign tourists had done significant environmental harm to the beach.   

LSS President Samantha Gunasekara said they had decided to clean beaches around the country and had prioritized the Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia beach which was a major 
tourist attraction.   

The volunteers collected a large stock of plastic bottles, cans, yoghurt cups, discarded tyres and tubes, rubber toys, and polythene, and disposed them to the Karadiyana garbage recycling complex. The Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia Municipal Council had provided tractors and employees to transport the garbage.   

The LSS launched a door-to-door public awareness campaign to prevent the haphazard disposal of garbage from houses. LSS representatives said area residents were in the habit of dumping garbage in the beach regardless of adverse health implications.   

“We have been attending to beach clearing for a long time and our main objective is to enhance the beauty of Sri Lanka’s beaches that attract tourists and bring foreign exchange. Foreigners who take photos of squalid beaches publish them in foreign magazines bringing disrepute to the country which is a severe blow to tourism, ” organizers said.   

Office bearers of the LSS Samantha Gunasekara, Secretary Udayanath Liyanage, officials of the Cost Guard, the Navy, the Young Animal Lovers Society, the staff of the Dehiwala Zoo, and employees of the Dehiwala–Mt. Lavinia Municipal Council participated in the event.