GMOA urges Prez to take over Health Ministry

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NEW-DM-1-3By Sheain Fernandopulle 

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) yesterday requested President Maithripala Sirisena in writing, to take over the Health Ministry. 

Deputy Minister of Industries, Trade and Commerce Buddhika Pathirana recently revealed that some of the milk powder importing companies were involved in a racket where a mixture of lactose powder and animal fat has been imported and sold in the local market in the guise of selling milk powder.   Speaking to the media, GMOA Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge said they had informed the President in a letter, pertaining to the pathetic side of the situation and urged him to resolve the issue.   

He said the GMOA had spoken in this regard a long time ago and had revealed the risk when consuming milk powder and other dairy products which were contaminated with DCD and melamine.   “We are happy that the President is interested in taking action against this menace. Hence, the GMOA is ready to give its full support for the actions taken by the President in the future against the imported contaminated milk powder,” Dr. Aluthge said.   
“The incumbent Health Minister seems to be turning a blind eye to the issue, which is why the GMOA is requesting the President to take over the ministry,” he added.